A cure to stop the horse kicking.

A cure to stop the horse kicking.

I got many questions about horse training to prevent horses from kicking. The method of kicking horses ranges from kicking almost anyone to the husband.

It is a daunting problem, and many people don’t know how to cure it. Therefore, I want to share some insights on horse kicks.

How do you stop a horse from kicking?

First of all, I want to contact some of why the horse started to kick the habit. I don’t believe that a horse is “naturally” and vicious, and he is not due to improper management or ignorance of the handling method.

There is no denying that some horses inherit the characteristics of their ancestors. However, one should not start to beat a horse without first considering the horse’s nature, character, and understanding.

For example, some horses tend to have a “not too good” character. There are some physical characteristics that you can find on horses, which shows that his personality is different.

Jesse Billy, a famous horse trainer from the 19th century, brilliantly deciphered the horse’s character. He even wrote a lot about how to do it.

Can a horse kick kill?

In any event, we can deal with it based on the horse’s capabilities. With a decent disposal horse, we can go pretty near. Xiao Ma’s care and training are responsible for all of the world’s differences. A horse with a “not so good” personality necessitates extra patience and comprehensive training.

All animals in nature have some self-defense, and a horse is kicking in self-defense. After all, if you work with a horse, for some reason (such as a rope or chain touching his leg and his body is not broken), his first tendency is to kick it.

The trick is to smash a horse. The habit never happens first. Too many people think that one lesson is enough to educate a horse to prepare for departure. But if you drive your horse, he gets caught under the tailor the cross of the shaft touches his quarters. It’s partly non-stop; it may scare and excite it enough to cause it to kick.

Good or bad: Once it starts, there is an increasing tendency to kick until the habit is confirmed.

Therefore, treatment is prevention. It would help if you obeyed the sensitivity of your limbs in all parts of your body. One method is to use a technique called poling. Essentially, you take a light pole, starting from the horse’s nose, and rub it on the hair, back, abdomen, dormitory, and sensitive parts of the body until all the muscles become relaxed.

But what if you have a horse that confirms the habit of kicking?

If it is true, I can give you three possible answers.

One department sells horses. If you think it cannot be repaired, keeping the horse around is not a good idea. If you are not particularly careful, you will be seriously injured.

2. Ask a professional coach to help you. The trainers’ fees range from US$400.00 US$900 to US$900 per month. Is it worth it to stop your horse from kicking? Only you can decide.

Third, you can learn to do it yourself. Some of the solutions are quite right. Jesse Berry, I mentioned earlier, there is a permanent solution to prevent it-a a guaranteed solution.