All-Time Greatest Race Horses

All-Time Greatest Race Horses

Horse betting is a favorite sport among the world’s wealthiest people, and the industry is estimated to be worth a million dollars. People worldwide would bet on some of the greatest and most famous horses simply because of their winning streak reputation or because they have too much money to spend. If you haven’t bet on it, the winning horse isn’t always a winning bet, which means that people can easily lose tens of thousands of dollars or even millions. It is the worst part, but those royal gamblers should have known what they were getting themselves into and should have anticipated it, win or lose.

Seattle-based slew

Slew was seen as a natural winner as a thoroughbred horse in the 1970s, and boy, oh boy, did he deliver. Amazingly, a horse may survive to be 28 years old, considering how long it can live. He outlived some humans, but it doesn’t make him any better; his name will live on as a legend in the world of horse racing. Because of his majesty’s influence, numerous horses have been trained and bred since his death. Seattle Slew is undoubtedly the greatest thoroughbred to ever compete on a racetrack.


Female horses who resemble stallion-like male horses are entitled to the same respect as their male counterparts, but they must be treated with extreme caution. Zenyatta is a four-time Triple Crown champion known as “The Queen of Racehorses.” In terms of racehorses, she most certainly embodies the spirit of some well-known human “godmother”; who comes to mind when you hear the word “godmother?” In 2010, Zenyatta was named Race Horse of the Year for her ability to carry more weight than any other horse, male or female, in the year’s big races. The Queen enjoys being a mother to the foals she has named after her in her remaining retirement years.


You can’t expect to get away with a clean slated getaway from a Ruffian brawl. Racehorse Ruffian is a legend in her own right; she’s a legendary American racehorse who began her career at an exciting period when horse racing drew money-hungry investors from all around the world.

When she was at the pinnacle of her career, Horse Racing turned out to be one of the saddest periods in the sport’s history, as she began to lose her signature stride.