Common mistakes made by horse owners.

Common mistakes made by horse owners.

Being a horse owner has a lot of responsibilities, and one of the important parts is not to teach you bad habits of horses.

Many serious and potentially dangerous bad habits start as little annoying (or even cute) habits in horses. Preventing bad habits from forming is easier than fixing them as serious problems. After spending several years to solve these problems for people, it is obvious that many of them come from some common sense fields as shown below…

Don’t teach horse leadership.

Surprisingly, people handle the problem of a horse correctly. Generally speaking, you will find that a horse is difficult to do anything on the ground (dressing, loading into floats, etc.) or the horse has never been taught to lead properly or has developed a loud bad habit when leading. The size and strength of the horse makes it a very important lesson to be taught to lead correctly, and one should be strengthened whenever you deal with horses. Don’t get stuck until the bad habit begins. Think about what you do with a horse in the underground… Most people go back to the lead, load on the float, enter and exit the booth, move a horse tightly during the dressing process, etc. All this and more have a leadership foundation. If your horse does not lead normally, start teaching it today.

Let the horse leave during installation.

It is a common mistake that people make. Before you see the possibility of a serious accident, it sounds like it may not be a big problem. Someone is installing a horse, the horseshoes or their boots are a bit wet, the horse starts to move, they slip and they end up on the ground, standing on the horse. This thing won’t happen, is it? Yes, it may cause serious injury or even death. Don’t be adventurous, teach your horse to stand while you mount it until you order to move.

Play as the horse’s playmate.

Yes, you can have fun with your horse, but the horse must understand that you are not an equal or in one in one in a lower one. Horse is a breed of animal, in which there is a rank. You need to have your horse look forward to your leadership, and not see you as its equal or goodbye member of the group.
Rush to learn new things. Some people have no patience to teach new things to their horses and feel bored or frustrated quickly. Take the time to teach you new things, and you will get more progress in the rush. Introduce new things in stages, and don’t enter the next stage until the horse adapts to the previous stage. Always complete a course with a positive attitude, because it makes it easier to continue training the next day.

Let the horse have a head when you go home.

It’s a common mistake in young riders. It will take a long time for a young rider to realize that it is easier and faster to walk the horse on the way home. What should I do? The rider didn’t realize it, so he had a habit of rushing home. . Many horses I have seen started with bolts in this way. A bolted horse is not only dangerous to the rider, but also to the horse and innocent bystanders. The easiest way to solve this problem is to start by making your horse a habit. Get in the habit of walking the last quarter of a mile back to the house. Not only does it help to eliminate this malfunction, but it takes your horse time to cool down before riding.
Give up when teaching Xinqian. It is related to rushing to learn new things. Unless you have the time and skills to complete the task, don’t start teaching your horse. If you find yourself having a problem, seek help from someone with experience. Follow the same guidelines outlined in No. 4.

Don’t check your nails before use.

Is it related to bad habits? Your horse piece, do you think it is… Saddle cloth or a small piece of wood from the saddle digging into my back will reduce my pressure. Your horse is restless at the waist. Same as the above or uncleaned perimeter, it has sweat and dirt embedded in it, making it uncomfortable. My horse keeps throwing its head. Any sharp metal on a worn-out metal will make me turn my head in opposition. As you can see, poorly maintained stickiness may cause what seems to be a bad habit on your horse. You can check your strategy just one minute before each use and save a lot of trouble.

These things should help you and your horse overcome some of the more common problems that people encounter. When looking for a solution, we have overlooked some small things, but it is often small things that cause bigger problems on the track.