What Does a Clydesdale Horse Cost You?

One of the most well-liked and cherished horses in America is the Clydesdale. Because they can be used to transport luggage, they are a standard option for the arena.

How much does a Clydesdale horse cost? A Clydesdale horse’s initial cost is between $1000 and $25000. The United States is home to most Clydesdale farmers and breeders who will sell their horses for $1000 to $5000. Clydesdale horses are the most expensive in America, fetching a staggering $212,500

We provide a guideline on how much it will cost to purchase a Clydesdale horse and the maintenance costs.

What is a Clydesdale Horse?

The draft horse is a type of horse you may have heard about. A Clydesdale horse, the Scottish version, is one of the most popular in the equine world. Its name may be clear, but it was born in Clydesdale in the 18th century.

Clydesdales were used by farmers who raised them years ago for various agricultural purposes. It could transport goods by road or farm using its draught power. This breed is primarily used as a carriage horse and also shows in the riding and driving categories.

Clydesdale History

The first Clydesdale horses were born in Lanarkshire, formerly Clydesdale. The Duke of Hamilton brought Flemish stallions from Holland to Scotland, where they were born. To create this more muscular breed, they bred them with local mares.

John Paterson of Lochlyloch also purchased another stallion to help create this horse breed. Clydesdale horses became more popular quickly and were sought after by more people. The 11-year-old stallion Baron de Buchlyvie was sold in 1911 for PS9 700. This was a very high price for horses back then.

Many Clydesdales were exported from Scotland in the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1911, 1617 stallions from Scotland were exported to different parts of the British Empire. These stallions were imported from Russia, Europe, and North & South America.

Clydesdales were imported from Australia. This country had approximately 25,000 Clydesdales between 1924 and 2008. This horse breed was so well-known that it was later called “the breed that built Australia.”

Clydesdales were still endangered in 2010 when they had approximately 5,000 worldwide.

The Different Features of a Clydesdale Horse

It is easy to recognize a Clydesdale horse. These are just a few unique characteristics of this gentle horse breed.


Clydesdales may weigh between 1,600 and 2,200 pounds. They are lighter now than they were hundreds of years ago. They are still strong and mighty.


Clydesdales are known for their bulging faces, inclined shoulders, high withers, and feathery tails. Clydesdale horses can reach 162 to 183cm in height. Some Clydesdale males can reach 183cm. These stallions may also have large foreheads and hooves.


Clydesdales come in many colors, including black, grey, and bay. There are many colors. Horses can be reddish-brown, with white markings on their legs and faces. Due to their sabino genes, some stallions have the sabino color.

Clydesdales can sometimes be bred with specific horses by farmers to produce stallions with particular markings.

Hair Distribution

Clydesdales are known for having thick feathering on the lower legs. Clyde’s itch can occur if the hair grows too long. It is believed to be a form of mange.

How Much Does a Clydesdale Horse Run You?

For those who love horses, a Clydesdale horse is a perfect choice. It would be best if you thought about the initial cost of buying the horse.

Initial costs

A Clydesdale Horse can be bought for as little as $1,000 to $5,000, according to the Clydesdale Breeders of the USA. An award-winning stallion or show horse of the highest quality might sell for as high as $20,000. These horses can be as low as $20,000.

Be prepared to pay additional costs if you buy a Clydesdale horse.


You must ensure that your Clydesdale stays healthy all year. Each year, you will have to pay for Clydesdale healthcare.